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Uber SOHO is ABOUT technology for Small Or Home Office

Facts don't seem to matter as much to the young people these days.

But what if they do matter for your outcome tomorrow.

If you think you need 100K a year, you'll be shocked to learn that in the future it is closer to 300K.

The average person can not do the math because they never learned how to do a financial forecast.

SOHO image upgrade is an image upgrade for your current plan A business at home. We built that up so you can grow your plan A income, while at the same time we give you a plan B secondary income. With one week set up, you will be paid to forget about it all year. Nothing but a stubborn personality can get in your way.


Everything is bound to small duplicatable steps so no one can stop your success in any way.

Today we need to learn a new something so we can achieve something new.sharable-tech.jpg


Gold in People Capital in Gold.

All revenues are going into the pot for Technology.
(Valued at Monthly Increments of $30)

We sell a SoftPhone but we are a technology company first and foremost.
Success in growth is investing large buys in fringe science and engineering.

When 10,000 new enroll with us ...

... we have $3,900,000 to payout into three equal budgets just to make it easier to think about.

These are broken down to 1.3 million in 1) cost & overhead, markets & ventures, and commissions.

That means there is 1.3 million in commissions to share. This will not be equal.

It will only go to qualified people

Qualifying is anyone who sells active accounts into a complete 2x2 structure.

Out of the next 10,000 accounts $97 starter identity or $390 establishment identity.

  1. We need to invite the best people in all fields of endeavor,
  2. We need the best fundraising activity by the best means possible. 


Because we are building a conglomerate.

  • There are over 500 business proposals to fund. (with some attrition as they can get stale)
  • They are all golden and waiting for staff and capital (other than the 10% lost opportunities)
  • They all help the home worker and virtual commuter.

Home base office working has and will continue to say lives when jobs and careers fail. Robots can do anything but the network and make life long lasting friendships. We need you to purchase a minimum of a product but just as much we need you to find one and then another recruit.

Is there ever really such a thing as a relaunch of a company or is it just a slow awkward launch we really mean to say?



The big pro is you are 8 times more likely to get lucky and get rich with the company by early bird promotions and organizational development. Con one is that minor and major changes to everything happen just about every week for the first year. Pro is you get a ground floor opportunity to be first in something that will be massive one day. The con is you don't get the full product as it will be when complete and you have to pay for a one year contract instead of month to month. You are a working investing customer in a sense.

WE NEED 7 EXECUTIVES AND 28; leaders in program development and sales and marketing.

Sales are based on 3 things. The enhanced Image you can have (even from a laptop office or small home office) a new level of security and flexibility and the chance of a decade to earn some serious PLAN B income.

A) we are only going to focus on home-based business owner/operators at this time. We are building the business with them first since they will see the need and be able to shape the marketing plan first. They also have the most likely one and then another recruiting capacity.

B) Plan B income is income that is not your main business. We don't want you to switch from what you do, which we will call your PLAN A. What we want to do is help your plan A in amazing ways, soon to come and add some daily income from our company as a second independent associate income.

Although you can invest more by calling the Office and setting up an appointment this is designed as your easiest way in. A 52-week contract is 52 times 7.50 a week for a total of $390--. After Opening this will be 30 every 4 weeks with 2 weeks invoice overlapping.


Other than executives and head office product sales and marketing who many NOT a participant in associate status activities and events, the user who refers one and then another is qualified for SOHO registration. When they do the same with or without your assistance, or you fill all 6 spots after you, YOU ARE RETIRED FROM RECRUITING for the rest of the year and you will be being COMPUTER GENERATED DAILY PAY.

No time wasted in learning a new comp plan and more time lost in teaching other to teach it. Save time in this, it's your Plan B and we know your Plan A needs the bulk of your time. This is no brainier income. It's got one then another. When you have a 2x 2 you are done.

AFTER YOU ARE DONE, that is when if you have extra time to look at it we will tell you what we can about the flexible computer system and software that decides our daily pay and some of the reasons why it makes decisions that are not humanly possible at that speed.

But in case you are worried about it, your one 2x2, IN A 100% DEAD leg/arm/brain SCENARIO, will likely return something like 157% on money going out. There is no need to worry even in the worst case scenery. But as those 6 do anything on any leg no matter how deep you go the computer calculates your increase in daily pay.

BIG SPENDERS. 25k-100k

This phone company will be built by and for small office home office to empower them and then from there to the public non-networking types that need this product for slightly different reasons and less about personal success in business. All those future sales will feed into the network marketer for all the other Plan A companies. We may be small now but we know exactly what this is going to cost and where to direct your money. We will build our Technology Sector with 4 more advancements and then R&D will be ready to show you the Health Sector. We need the infrastructure build in the SoftPhone company to support the developments in the Health sector. Look to that after year 2. The same idea is all about logistic leveraging and reduction of risk by working with systems trained people. We will move into Energy Product sector in year 3.

All our advantages come from stockpiling larger investors in our capital funds. We need a 25K minimum because this is pursuant to becoming a type of corporation that is a legal venture capital corp. The will function for 5 years and then move up into foundation status. The companies and the foundations will eventually become the conglomerate. This is fully planned out and insiders can take a look at why we know this will be our outcome and we will be retired with pride in what we have accomplished together.

Your product sponsor options are annually 390, 650, 975.


Look being Independent makes a person happy. Income every day makes a person happier.

Investing in knowledge for $1 dollar a day special that is the smart way to get the inside from our Newsletter on Tech Health and Energy.

Invest in Technology at the level you decide. Work earn reinvest work earn reinvest. Compound your energy until the investment becomes a working snowball that grows to massive proportions. Now you can retire and live off the growth of your investment at the right time.

Welcome small office home office business operators. We are here to help in three categories. technology health and energy.

First make the fastest money with a small group in technology work.
The make the yourself and the people around you more they and less medical expenses.

Finally with income growing at home in your office you ae ready tot the energy business.

Our program is designed to spare resources so we can open them up for top producers.

UBER SOHO Is here to invest in three home based business categories that are good for people.

Invest $20 a year for a subscription, invest 97 a month for associate level, invest 3K for 90 days and 2 more K for an extension to the end of the year.

The 5 K service product is a wonder way to see who the SOHO investments are incubating. We build Apps for all Phones. We built ways to manage payment to everyone of our suppliers and marketing associates, so thank you.

It is expensive to work in technology in Vancouver but this is where the job is being done for now. We hope to grow facilitated sooner rather than later. The core group is 7 positions (or needs to be) and we are supposed to focus on only newsletters and communications within the business plan.

UBER SOHO is building our production Agile Scrum Workstations right here.

Agile Scrum is a way of working in software development. It helps resolve classic issues in assembly line coding when owners knowledge base is so distant as to not be able to see the time and volume of work. This is an effort to help every have more fun.

The word UBER means OVER. SOHO means Small Office Home Office. And people are our thrill to serve. In the future we will have the stories of people benefiting from their SOHO. They are tuning 10 into 100 and 100 into a thousand.

In addition, for us the word "over" means to work our outcome to a level over and above the expectations in Small Office Home Office opportunity.


  1. $1,000 a day is your income CAP
  2. There of our SOHO projects all have a $1,000 income CAP
  3. For this reason there is a total income CAP of $3,000 a day.


  • We are working for money, very good money, or not at all
  • This income is intentional to make up for PAST loses AND OR
  • To go beyond PAST gains AND sexcure your future now for life.

The $1,000 a day income CAP keeps greedy people uninterested in working with us,

That alone saves everyone else a lot of future grief in the end.

We are working to adapt the UBERSOHO Agile Scrum software development methodology and combine the best of DevOps modality into a unified virtual in form for all aspects of this enterprise. In other words, Things we learn about helping people work with software can translate to helping administration, production, marketing and finance as well. We are discovering great leverage in cross over functionality. So learn your Agile Scrum system with your user stories you product owners and your scrum masters position in relationship to your personal function as an independent development offering.

We truly cannot expect people to come from a strike academia anymore without some damage to their career in super fast moving development categories. The real would changes too fast and they all fall too far behind. You need to be on the job. You need great pay or great capital backing to be used to remove 29 ut of 30 personal problems or you cannot focus on winning well enough. You need money to be at your best.

Education is so far behind the development curve, and we are so far ahead. Not to mention the fact that all development ours included deals in intellectual secrets, which may never distill down into academia's curriculum.

In essence the Scrum Master is pairing people of unique skill sets so that we run an ongoing practical continuing educational value on any task at hand. We don't stop and start development to train people. We train trainers and become trainers in cross fields at the same time.

There are really only (3) three major categorizes for the SOHO's we focus on now. Technology, Health, Energy.

Check back soon for more information on How you can benefit from Tech, Health and Energy Starting at as little as 1,200 a year, or 100 a month and 2 to 190 hours a week of your free learning and self improvement time.

* We have NO affiliation or connection with the American Based Ride sharing company.